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In the year 2033, deep underground in the Moscow Metro system, day to day life plays out…as it once did on the surface.  Now only the rotting corpse of once great Mother Russia still remains and even then only visible through the glass of a gas mask.  No longer are we the dominant species. The land is ruled by inhuman beasts of unknown origin; more intelligent and deadly than anything, ever known to man, and adapted to the atmosphere of this once shining, ball of blue.  Despite the destruction we brought on ourselves as the bombs fell and the darkness that came with it…war…war stays the same…humans…mutants…Communists…Nazis…if it’s hostile…kill it.

4A made an excellent debut with this Post-Apocalyptic, Survival Horror, 1st Person Shooter, based on the novel Metro 2033 by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky.  In March of 2006, 4A Games announced the partnership with Glukhovsky to collaborate on the game.  The game was then announced at the 2009 Games Convention in Leipzig and later released in March of 2010 on Xbox 360 and PC, published by THQ.  Utilizing the 4A Engine, game mechanics are smooth and realistic and game controls are simple and streamlined.  Realistic characters and dialogue, helped to set the dismal scenario that Russia and the Metro have become.  Only some mildy repetitive combat chatter, broke through the feelings of lonileness, abandonment and upon regrouping…comradery, that Metro 2033 evokes.

Metro 2033, is a must have, to any fan of the Post-Apocalyptic genre.  A quality game all around, with a few glitches here and there, but nothing that broke the game outright.  The game was played through on the most difficult level and took about 20-30 hours over the course of three days.  Overall, Metro 2033 was a fantastic game to play, boasting good mechanics, storyline, dialogue, weapon choices and diversity of maps.  While it may not be Half Life 2 or Bioshock, I wouldn’t put it far off.  As for the Post-Apocalyptic genre, I would say it is one of the best.  That is of course after the Fallout and Wasteland series…

Wikipedia: Metro 2033

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